Top 10 Anime Backpack Designs

The Anime Backpack craze is finally here! Buckle up anime fans because different anime luggage designs from your favorite animes like Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and etc. are fully fashionable and ready to hold on to your stuff.

With all the anime backpacks out there on the market, it’s going to be hard to find the best ones that don’t compromise fashion and anime. We made a list of Top 10 Anime Backpack Designs that are for sure going to be loved by otakus all over the world!

1. Attack On Titan Wings Of Freedom Backpack

Attack On Titan Backpack

Starting of on the top spot is this Attack On Titan Wings Of Freedom Backpack. It’s a simple style of a backpack with the Wings Of Freedom logo in the focal point. It’s made of high quality material that’s going to make sure this bag lasts very long. An oaky brown color theme around this bag gives it a warm texture and really fits the Attack on Titan vibe without compromising style.

This bag is overall very simple but it definitely holds great beauty within that simplicity. The simple design ensures its long-term durability and significance of the modern style of bags so you can expect that it’s not just the material that’s going to last long but the trend as well. It doesn’t compromise the style and anyone can pretty much wear this fashionably with the familiarity of popular backpacks like Kanken or Jansport for everyday adventure!

We absolutely recommend this backpack for anyone who would love to have Attack on Titan in their travels and adventures anywhere and everywhere!

2. Uchiha Clan Backpacks

Uchiha Clan Backpack

Another simplistic design for anime backpacks is this Uchiha Clan Backpack that features a few more color variations. The colors that mostly define the Uchiha clan are blue, black, red, and white. This exact design with only the Uchiha Clan logo from the surface looks overly simple but definitely has a lot of beauty in it.

It doesn’t compromise style and quality to incorporate anime into the design. This backpack’s design can be compared to popular backpack brands like Herschel or Kanken that have those distinct shapes and belts, ready for adventure!

If you’re looking for Naruto backpacks with quality, durability, and style, this is definitely the one for you! It doesn’t compromise any of that in order to incorporate an awesome and stylish theme of Naruto into an anime backpack. This could also make a perfect gift for anyone that loves Naruto!

3. Minato Namikaze Backpack

Minato Namikaze Backpack

We got a few more Naruto backpacks on this list. This next one features the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, also known as the Yellow Flash! And oh boy, this backpack definitely defines that yellow and flash for this interesting character. With Minato’s palm as he throws his special kunai being the focal point of this design, this backpack fits a person that loves Naruto.

We definitely recommend getting this if you love Minato Namikaze like we do! Also get it as a gift for anyone who might love Naruto-themed merchandise that they can use.

4. Akatsuki Black Nylon Backpacks

Akatsuki Backpacks

This Akatsuki Black Nylon Backpack emanates an aura of mystery and coolness. It features the notable visual elements whenever you recall the name ‘Akatsuki’ in the world Naruto. It doesn’t fail to represent the iconic red cloud and the strike through line on the Hidden Leaf Village symbol.

As simple as it looks, its simplicity also has some beauty in it for an anime backpack and we definitely recommend you get this if you’re looking for other Naruto backpacks that are fashionable and significant in the current trend of bags.

5. Attack On Titan Wings Of Freedom Glowing Backpacks

Attack On Titan Glowing Backpacks

Next up, we have a little bit more artistic anime backpack designs that give off a glowing illusion with its excellent use of bright and neon colors. The layouts of these backpacks look more familiar to most eyes because of their designs being more similar to the common day backpacks. If you want to add just a little twist for your everyday backpacks for your love of Attack on Titan, definitely get one of these for yourself!

6. Glowing Sharingan Backpacks

Glowing Sharingan Backpacks

Just like the previous design, this backpack design is also one of the more artistic anime backpacks that really stand out from the everyday backpacks. Despite the familiarity that they look like, they feature the iconic symbols that every fan would know anywhere. If you want to add a twist to your everyday backpacks for your love of Naruto, then definitely get this glowing Naruto backpack for yourself!

7. Naruto All Printed Backpack

Naruto All Printed Backpack

Here is a Naruto backpack with a mish-mash of the awesome characters, moments, and scenes that we’re all familiar in the Naruto manga and anime. The design just features a simple collage but as a whole looks incredibly fascinating to look at. To top it off, of course, the iconic Hidden Leaf Village Symbol on the focal point of the design with great use of colors and textures.

If you just love Naruto, can’t get enough of it, and don’t want to settle for minimalism, we sincerely recommend you’d get one of these Naruto backpacks for yourself!

8. Young Son Goku Backpack

Dragon Ball Backpack

Are you hoping for Dragon Ball backpacks? Here’s the perfect one for anyone who loves the Dragon Ball Z series! This backpack is more of a canvas for the design and really gives the design more spotlight. It features an awesome artwork of our young Son Goku riding a yellow cloud with a Dragon Ball in his hand and a staff in the other. It vividly represents his personality and just makes this backpack really adorable.

If you love Son Goku and his little quirks, especially when he was young, definitely get one of these for yourself or a friend. We think this is the perfect Dragon Ball Z present you can give to someone.

9. Son Goku Kamehameha Backpack

Goku Backpack

Transitioning from a cute Goku, here is a design that features him in one of his powerful forms as a Super Saiyan, charging a Kamehameha in the palms of both his hands. If you’d rather have a Dragon Ball backpack that looks more epic, we think this one takes the cake for you!

10. Goku – NO PAIN NO GAIN Backpack

Dragon Ball Z Backpacks

Here is a Dragon Ball backpack that features Goku a giant weight with the text “NO PAIN, NO GAIN”. Goku, being one of the most powerful anime characters ever, is only natural to be a symbol of training or working out.

Immediately, we thought that you probably might want to take this backpack whenever you go to the gym to work out with Goku just being there to remind you to push for that last extra rep. Apart from the fact that this backpack can be fashionable, you never know, it could also help motivate you!

That’s it!

We’ve finally reached the end of the list! Hope you enjoyed looking at these Top 10 Anime Backpack Designs. They make the perfect gift for anime lovers and you could get one now!

We absolutely recommend you get 1 or 2 for their simple designs that don’t compromise style which is really going to be fashionable anywhere you go. Time to take that anime luggage to the next level with these awesome anime backpacks!

Check out all the other designs available and secure your discount today!

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