The Perfect Akatsuki Cloak That Every Serious Cosplayer Should Have

Any serious cosplayer wouldn’t want to compromise the quality of the character they’re playing for some low quality costume. Here is the Perfect Akatsuki Cloak that’s definitely going to not only be worth your money but also time.

Cosplaying is Hard!

Let’s face it, cosplaying is an incredibly exhausting and difficult hobby. From common man’s view, we don’t really see all the hard work that goes into pulling off these awesome live reenactment of characters. It takes a lot of idea, effort, and imagination to successfully represent a fictional character.

With all the difficulties naturally tied with being a cosplayer that could also ultimately affect execution of the idea, it’s only naturally encouraged for cosplayers to be resourceful and improvise but of course, without compromising the quality of the character they’re representing. Cutting down costs and managing time effectively is also important in efficiency of executing these ideas.

Akatsuki, one of the most awesome ragtag ninja villains of the Naruto Universe, probably seems easy to pull off because of how simple yet iconic most of their members look due to their similar cloaks. The fact that their cloaks are so simple and iconic is probably a huge reason why any serious cosplayer wouldn’t want to mess up playing as one of them.

Akatsuki Cloak

Akatsuki Red Cloud Cloak

Introducing, The Perfect Akatsuki Cloak

This Akatsuki Cloak is exactly like the real thing you see in the Naruto Universe worn by the most notable ninja vigilantes like Itachi and Pain. With this costume, you’re not only going to be limited to one member of the Akatsuki but maybe a few other members like Kisame, Deidara, Itachi, or Sasori.

Two Versions of The Perfect Cloak

What’s also different about this cloak is that you can get two different types of the Akatsuki Cloak. Funnel neck or Hooded-style. Over the course of the anime, we saw different versions of this cloak.

Funnel Neck [AKA Stand-Up Collar]

Akatsuki Stan-Up Collar Cloak

This is what official members of the organization wore.

Hooded-Style [AKA TAKA & Hebi Style]

Sasuke Taka Style Cloak

Worn by Sasuke Uchiha and the other members of Taka because they were affiliated with Tobi at the time, who was secretly puppeteering the organization in the dark. This would make the perfect Akatsuki cloak hoodie.

What Makes it so Perfect?

It looks exactly like the real thing, patterned from the anime down to the last detail. Most notably, the Akatsuki symbol which is presented in a small red cloud that means “Dawn” or “Day Break”. These symbols are perfectly and evenly distributed on the surface of the costume.

Apart from the details, it comes in two variations, Funnel neck and hooded-style, considering the canonical context of the costumes in the anime. This is the most high quality Akatsuki cloak you could ever find on the market out there because it has a full zip front closure and made with durable materials like cotton and polyester.

Why Should A Serious Cosplayer Get One?

Any serious cosplayer would understand the efficiency exchange in production of costume to set aside all the headache in planning and of course, executing the idea. This Akatsuki Cloak is perfect for cosplaying because of its durability and context. Being available in two variations, you can choose to suit up as maybe an official member of Akatsuki like an Itachi cosplay with the Funnel neck, or maybe as a member of Taka like Sasuke with the hooded-style.

Cosplaying is hard, it really is. If you’re planning to go for an Itachi cosplay for these next few anime conventions, this Perfect Akatsuki Cloak will make your life a whole lot easier.

I’m convinced. Where can I get one?

I’m glad you are! You can easily get both designs at a discounted price by clicking the following button!

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