30 Naruto T-Shirts For Anime Lovers

Looking for a T-Shirt to express your love for Naruto? Here are 30 different Naruto T-Shirts that we know every anime lover would love.

1. Naruto Kurama + Six Paths of Sage Mode

Naruto Six Paths T-Shirt

We got our favorite character of the anime, Naruto, on the top spot of this list and featuring probably his most powerful form. This form is a combination of Kurama Mode and Six Paths of Sage Mode which practically rivals their powers’ originator, Kaguya Otsutsuki.

We definitely recommend getting this shirt if you want to have a cool Naruto T-Shirt that’s just as good looking as a Naruto Jacket because of the awesome design it gives.

2. Sasuke Rinnegan Susanoo

Sasuke Rinnegan Susanoo T-Shirt

On the second spot, we got Sasuke Uchiha, one of the most powerful ninjas and the biggest rival to our protagonist, Naruto. This Naruto T-Shirt also showcases his most powerful ninjutsus like the Susanoo from his Mangekyo Sharingan and the Rinnegan that is known for being the most powerful Kekkei Genkai in the anime due to one of the originators of their powers possessing it, Hagoromo Otsutsuki.

This T-Shirt looks just as good as a Naruto Jacket because of its awesome design and we definitely think any anime lover would love to have one of these on their wardrobe.

3. Uchiha Clan T-Shirts

Uchiha Clan T-Shirts

If you’re looking for a little simpler design, this one takes the cake. This T-Shirt features that few elements that define the Uchiha clan. First notably being the Uchiha Clan symbol and second being the Sharingan. The Mangekyo Sharingan featured in this T-Shirt is Obito’s.

This T-Shirt is also available in a ton more colors but if you like something that really defines that Uchiha Clan, we definitely recommend the black one.

4. Boruto Team 7 With Sasuke and Naruto

Boruto Team 7 T-Shirt

At the current era, Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha are probably one of the most powerful ninjas that walk the earth on the Naruto Universe. With a new set of ninjas to tell their story, These powerful ninjas leave their legacy upon the new Team 7 of the current era of ninjas, Boruto, Mitsuki, and Sarada.

This T-Shirt with its unique colors look very fashionable for any anime lover and we definitely recommend you’d get one of these for yourself or for a friend!

5. Naruto and Sasuke

Naruto And Sasuke T-Shirt

Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha have the best recurring rivalry throughout the series and has really been what kept the show going. This Naruto T-Shirt features the perfect representation of their cool and fiery rivalry with the contrast of their different personalities and motivations that keep both of them climbing to be the strongest ninjas they can be.

This T-Shirt is extremely fashionable with its symmetry and how it’s able to use the T-Shirt as a canvas. We recommend you get one of these if you can’t choose between choosing Sasuke or Naruto to express your love for the anime. Among the sea of Naruto Shippuden T-Shirts, this one definitely takes the cake.

6. Kurama Seal T-Shirts

Kurama Seal T-Shirts

Kurama Seal Green T-Shirt

The Eight Trigrams Sealing Style is what Minato Namikaze used in order to seal Kurama in Naruto’s body, specifically in his abdomen. This symbol has came up time and time throughout and the anime and has practically been iconic for most of the viewers.

Any anime lover would know the stories behind this iconic symbol. If you like a minimal design for a T-Shirt, we definitely recommend this one!

7. Naruto Kyuubi

Naruto Kyuubi Mode T-Shirt

The story of Naruto as a character has always greatly been influenced by the fact that he is a Jinchuriki or a person who has one of the most powerful tailed beasts sealed inside him. This has rendered him to have lots of difficulties fitting into the shinobi world along with the problems that come with it.

This T-Shirt features the awesome contrast between Naruto and Kurama as one entity. And also the vivid representation of how many of the citizens of Konoha has perceived Naruto as a demon fox, in which he continually proves time and time again to be a good thing and not a disadvantage. Wear this Naruto T-Shirt fashionably anywhere you can!

8. Minato Naruto Boruto – I GOT IT FROM MY DADDY

Minato Naruto Boruto I got It From My Daddy T-Shirt

Transitioning into a little bit more comedic T-Shirt with the play on the popular lyrics “I Got It From My Daddy”, features the three ninjas of the same bloodline, Minato, Naruto, and Boruto. You wouldn’t need to explain this T-Shirt because it’ll ruin the humor, but any anime lover would know the context behind this awesome shirt.

T-Shirts are fun, and this Naruto T-Shirt defines fun. Go get one for yourself or a friend!

9. Young Naruto and Sasuke Silhouette

Young Naruto And Sasuke Silhouette T-Shirt

This T-Shirt is the perfect representation of Naruto and Sasuke’s childhood as both of them struggle with problems of feeling alone, yet somehow both of them actually make up together as a whole. Like a Yin and Yang.

10. Itachi Uchiha Silhouette

Itachi Uchiha Silhouette T-Shirt

This shirt vividly represents Itachi Uchiha and his prowess of the sharingan and of course, crows, in a silhouette.

11. Starbucks Style Naruto Ramen

Starbucks Style Naruto Ramen T-Shirt

Here’s a little play on the Starbucks Logo with Naruto eating Ramen. This Naruto T-Shirt is an awesome reference to pop culture. It’s definitely going to be awesome on any anime lover!

12. Mangekyo Rinnegan

Mangekyo Rinnegan T-Shirt

A simplistic T-Shirt of Sasuke Uchiha’s powerful eyes with the Mangekyo Sharingan and his Rinnegan.

13. Kakashi Sharingan

Kakashi Sharingan T-Shirt

This Naruto T-Shirt features an almost 3D Kakashi Hatake and his Sharingan. This T-Shirt would fit perfectly on any anime lover and also with the Sharingan conveniently located near the chest like a heart.

14. Bloody Itachi

Bloody Itachi T-Shirt

Even upon his death, Itachi Uchiha is still one of the coolest characters in the entire series. This bloody Itachi Uchiha T-Shirt would look awesome and will let everyone know that you mean business!

15. Solo Boruto

Boruto T-Shirt

This T-Shirt features a solo of Boruto Uzumaki, giving him the spotlight for the legacy of the new generation of shounen anime. If you watched Boruto and loved it, we absolutely recommend you’d get one of these as soon as you can.

16. Akatsuki Clouds

Akatsuki Clouds T-Shirt

If you’re looking for Naruto Shippuden Shirts, here’s one that’s simple but will be awesome on you. We think Akatsuki is one of the most awesome ragtag group of ninjas in the Naruto Universe. They have been a very notorious and fearsome organization throughout the series of Naruto Shippuden and any anime lover would recognize those red clouds anywhere. If you love Akatsuki like we do, get this Naruto T-Shirt!

17. Naruto Sage Mode

Naruto Sage Mode T-Shirt

This T-Shirt features Naruto in one of his most powerful jutsus ever, the Sage Mode. Any anime lover would know how much he worked on to get this amazing power. Acknowledge his power by getting one of these Naruto Shippuden T-Shirts!

18. Ichiraku Ramen

Ichiraku Ramen T-Shirt

Ichiraku Ramen. Naruto’s favorite place to eat because of their delicious ramen noodles. Anime lovers unite because here’s a shirt that shows that nostalgic ramen place that unfortunately only exists in the Naruto Universe. We would have done anything to get a taste of Naruto’s favorite ramen noodles.

19. Konoha Hokage Shirt

Konoha Hokage T-Shirt

Hokage T-Shirt

The Hidden Leaf Village is home to the Hokage, the most powerful ninja of the village that keeps the peace among different villages. Our protagonist, Naruto, wanted nothing to be the next Hokage. Now, you can be too! Get this awesome Naruto T-Shirt and become a Hokage.

20. Sasuke and Naruto Hand Seals

Sasuke And Naruto Hand Seals T-Shirt

Here’s a cool black and white design of Naruto and Sasuke’s rivalry close-up to their eyes. This design would look awesome on any one. Any anime lover would want to rock their awesome rivalry.

21. Naruto Shadow Clone Hand Seal

Naruto Shadow Clone T-Shirt

Naruto’s favorite jutsu is pretty much the Shadow Clone Jutsu with most of his jutsu variations stemming from this one jutsu. He learned this jutsu by stealing a forbidden scroll and has never stopped using it ever since. Get one of these shirts if you also love this jutsu as much as Naruto does.

22. Naruto Kurama Sage Mode Close-up

Naruto Kurama Sage Mode T-Shirt

If you’re looking for a Naruto Orange T-Shirt, this T-Shirt is filled with Naruto’s close-up face in his Kurama Sage Mode Form, possibly one of his most powerful forms in the entire anime. Rock an orange look with this awesome shirt!

23. Naruto Jinchuriki Mode

Naruto Jinchuriki T-Shirt

Before Naruto was able to master his powers, he had to struggle with the opposing and very angry chakra of Kurama in his body trying to take over. The result is basically a Naruto with vicious teeth, eyes, and even skin that really defines the whole Fox Demon nickname he’s been called for a long time. If you want to look as bright and vicious as you can, this Naruto Orange T-Shirt will do the trick!

24. Air Naruto

Air Naruto T-Shirt

With the popularity of Air Jordans, here’s a T-Shirt that plays with those words and concepts by incorporating the world of Naruto into it. Instead of Michael Jordan’s jumping silhouette with a ball, there’s a jumping Naruto with a Rasengan seemingly dunking it like a basketball. If you want to be in the flow of popular culture, get one of these shirts to show your love for Naruto and a little bit of humor.

25. Sasuke vs Naruto – Sasuke Focus

Sasuke VS Naruto T-Shirt - Sasuke Focus

This T-Shirt is the other half of the whole picture that represents the awesome rivalry between Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki. In this t-shirt, it focuses more on Sasuke and also a historical representation of him in contrast to Naruto. If you want to match up with a buddy who also likes Naruto, get one of these for yourself or for them.

26. Sasuke vs Naruto – Naruto Focus

Sasuke VS Naruto T-Shirt - Naruto Focus

This T-Shirt is the other half of the whole picture that represents the awesome rivalry between Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki. In this t-shirt it focuses more on Naruto and also a historical representation of him in contrast to Sasuke. If you want to match up with a buddy who also likes Naruto, get one of these for yourself or for them.

27. Team 7 – Sasuke

Team 7 Sasuke

A manga-style artwork of Sasuke as part of Team 7. This Naruto T-Shirt is perfect for the anime lovers that adore Sasuke’s unique personality in contrast to the other characters of team 7. With the multiple personalities of Team 7, they all complement each other as a whole and as a team.

28. Team 7 – Naruto

Team 7 Naruto

Here is a manga-style artwork of Naruto Uzumaki as part of Team 7. This Naruto T-Shirt is perfect for everyone who loves Naruto and gives the nostalgic look of the manga. Naruto as always looks determined and ready to fight like a shounen protagonist.

29. Team 7 – Sakura

Team 7 Sakura

Here is a manga-style artwork of Sakura Haruno as a part of Team 7. This Naruto T-Shirt would be perfect for women to wear, being one of the few major female characters in the entire series and especially being significantly tied to the main characters, anime lovers would love to wear this.

30. Sasuke Solo

Young Sasuke T-Shirt

Sasuke deserves some spotlight for his awesome character development. Here is a shirt that gives him his solo spotlight.

That’s it!

We’re finally at the end! Hope you enjoyed our list for the 30 Naruto T-Shirts For Anime Lovers. We definitely recommend getting 1 or 2 for yourself or for someone as a gift.

Check out all the other designs available and secure your discount today!

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