30 Naruto Hoodies That Every Otaku Would Love To Have

If you’re looking for a gift for a Naruto fan or for yourself, this is for you! Naruto has always been one of the most iconic anime’s that have ever existed. Taking the top 10 spot on MyAnimeList Most Popular ranking, almost everyone knows about this anime. With the massive amount of Naruto fans out there, what better way to express their love for the anime with Naruto Hoodies that aren’t only a manifestation of that admiration but also just as fashionable. We have prepared a list of…

30 Naruto Themed Hoodies That Range From Zip Hoodies To Pullovers That Every Otaku Would Love

1. Minato Namikaze Zip Hoodie

Minato Namikaze Zip Hoodie

Naruto Hoodies

Need a hoodie that screams epicness? This hoodie is not only the best looking and the most fashionable one on this list, but also a representation of our favorite protagonist’s biggest dream, to become the Hokage or the Fire Shadow. With the simple red and white color scheme, everyone will be able to recognize that iconic Hokage look.

2. Naruto Yang Kurama Mode Zip Hoodie

Naruto Yang Kurama Mode Zip Hoodie

Naruto Hoodies

This hoodie shows Naruto’s two most powerful forms yet, the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode and the Six Paths Sage Mode combined. This is probably Naruto’s biggest bursts of power throughout the entire series yet. It’s never a bad idea to be able to take in the form of Naruto’s most powerful forms into a hoodie. Wear this fashionable hoodie with the classic black and orange color scheme that just screams power, and you’ll be as epic as this our protagonist.

3. Naruto Uzumaki Jacket Style Hoodie

Naruto Uzumaki Jacket Style Hoodie

Naruto Jacket

This is Naruto’s classic black and orange jacket that he wears throughout the episodes of Naruto: Shippuden. Who would’ve thought that our favorite protagonist in his own anime would be wearing something we could wear in real life, a Naruto Jacket? Or maybe just a regular jacket with the Uzumaki symbol at the side. The point still stands, how cool would it be to wear his classic jacket in real life? It does look exactly like the real thing. Who knows? You could use this exact hoodie for cosplays or just casually. Everyone’s going to recognize that classic Naruto look!

4. Naruto And Sasuke Hoodie

Naruto And Sasuke Hoodie

We’re off to the first hoodies with the exceptional artwork on them. A Naruto and Sasuke hoodie just shows the greatest rivalry between the two that was built up from day one even until the days of Boruto. This hoodie is a kicker with its colors and shiny effects. Not only is it going to pop when you wear them but also feel comfortable as you chill and walk around town with Naruto and Sasuke with you.

5. Naruto Sage Mode Hoodie

Naruto Sage Mode Hoodie

Here’s a hoodie that has the classic color palette from Naruto’s Six Paths Sage Mode. These designs with exceptional art on them will never get old. If you don’t prefer wearing a hoodie as one of Naruto’s most powerful forms, then you can maybe wear Naruto in that powerful form instead.

6. Six Paths Hoodie

Six Paths Hoodie

Naruto Hoodies

The classic black and white palette on the hoodie means it is the power of the Six Paths Sage alone. This time without the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode that Naruto usually combines with it. The usually represents a several number of characters in the series that possess the Six Paths Sage power. The most notable character would probably be Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, the Sage of Six Paths and the originator of the shinobi world. This Naruto pullover jacket makes you look exactly like the wise legendary figure in the Narutoverse.

7. Sasuke Uchiha Hoodie

Sasuke Uchiha Hoodie

Not everybody likes Sasuke. Although, this hoodie isn’t something any otaku would be able to resist. It incorporates the little historical Japanese kind of vibe into the hoodie along with Sasuke with it. This Sasuke hoodie complements the Naruto hoodie that contrasts with it. Sasuke fans especially would love to have one of these hoodies. This would also be a great gift to a friend or a special partner to have a theme between two people.

8. Naruto Hoodie

Naruto Pullover

In contrast to the Sasuke hoodie, we have the Naruto hoodie. Here, the hoodie complements the other Sasuke hoodie where the two seemingly fight. Naruto fans especially would love one of these hoodies and wouldn’t it be great to see two people wearing a Naruto and Sasuke hoodie separately together to form an epic image of rivalry?

9. Naruto And Sasuke Clash Hoodie

Naruto And Sasuke Clash Hoodie

If you’re not up to wearing a hoodie that symbolizes the rivalry between the two best characters in the series, then you might be willing enough to wear one that symbolizes that into a perfect contrasting artwork. Here’s another one of these epic Naruto and Sasuke hoodies that are guaranteed to make you look just as awesome as these two characters. The color scheme of this hoodie just perfectly captures their contrasting personalities, Naruto being the bright and warm day while Sasuke being the dark and cold night.

10. Sasuke’s Susanoo Hoodie

Sasuke's Susanoo Hoodie

The thought that Susanoo is actually one of the strongest powers in the shinobi world that’s actually strong enough to slice mountains in an instant is actually amazing. Sasuke being one of the few characters that actually posses that power through his sharingan, wearing this Naruto pullover will make you feel just as cool as the aura he constantly emanates a dark purple aura.

11. Akatsuki Cloak Zip Up Hoodie

Akatsuki Cloak Zip Up Hoodie

Naruto Hoodies

Ahh yes, Akatsuki, the criminal group [After Yahiko’s death] of shinobi that live outside the system of countries and hidden villages. They’re the unpredictable, evil, yet cool group of ninjas that seek to make the world a better place through their own means but have members with different and random motivations. Practically like their uniform, wearing this Naruto pullover is going to feel like you’re part of their organization.

12. Worn Out Akatsuki

Worn Out Akatsuki

Naruto Hoodies

There’s just something cool about having ragged and torn up clothes in the Narutoverse. The Akatsuki being that evil organization realistically would have its constant conflicts with the law abiding ninjas everywhere around the hidden villages that have bounties on the evil organization’s heads. Who wouldn’t be willing to wear a hoodie that acts as a badge of honor of surviving a fight with powerful ninjas. Afterall, the Akatsuki is also a ragtag group of very powerful ninjas that can be compared to an army of ninjas.

13. Konoha Jonin Hoodie

Konoha Jonin Hoodie

Naruto Hoodies

Highly experienced and skilled ninja get promoted to Jonin which basically makes them elite ninjas. These ninjas are the best of the best among the villages organizational ranking systems, at least second best to the Kages which are basically village leaders for very obvious reasons. The most notable characters that wear these uniforms are Might Guy and Kakashi Hatake who actually later became Hokage as well. It would be an honor for whoever would wear this hoodie to feel like a high ranking ninja of the hidden villages.

14. Kakashi Hatake Sharingan Hoodie

Kakashi Hatake Sharingan Hoodie

The black and white look on this hoodie just makes it look more epic for Kakashi’s sharingan to pop out of this printed hoodie. Kakashi is one of the most beloved characters by the fans in the entire series because of his likability and just notoriety throughout the entire series for how he’s been so helpful for our protagonist. Every otaku would surely love to casually wear one of these hoodies.

15. Obito Uchiha Hoodie

Obito Uchiha Hoodie

Kakashi’s rival and childhood friend who was presumed dead, we have Obito Uchiha. He’s one of the greatest success stories in the series of Naruto, starting out as a really clumsy ninja and growing up to be an extremely strong villain and later realizing his mistakes and turning good again. His story is one hell of a ride and a strong group of Naruto fans surely would love to honor him with a hoodie.

16. Itachi Uchiha Hoodie

Itachi Uchiha Hoodie

Itachi is probably by far one of the strongest members of the Uchiha clan having single handedly fought several powerful ninjas in the series. His story is also one hell of a ride and this hoodie just captures him in a background that almost emotionally hits every fan knowing the context of what this seemingly anti-hero has gone through to actually be the real hero. A true otaku would love to have one of these hoodies.

17. Itachi’s Genjutsu Hoodie

Itachi's Genjutsu Hoodie

He’s not a member of the Uchiha clan for no reason. The most notable power of the Uchiha clan is their own unique bloodline of possessing the Sharingan. A simple yet powerful eye that can manifest great power from heightened senses and vision to summoning huge spirits that can cut mountains. Not only that but Itachi Uchiha is also one of the strongest users of this power. This jacket is something you could wear fashionably to show how badass this character can really get.

18. Sasuke Amaterasu Hoodie

Sasuke Amaterasu Hoodie

Here’s a unique blend of white and blue on a Sasuke hoodie that actually looks amazingly fashionable. The way that Sasuke just stands symmetrically at the center with patterns of the sky that look like the flames of his Amaterasu is just perfect for a hoodie.

19. Uchiha Clan Hoodie

Uchiha Clan Hoodie

Naruto Hoodies

Who wouldn’t want to be part of the Uchiha clan? A clan full ninjas that possess a unique power that no other clan has. This Naruto pullover hoodie has the color scheme down and would be perfect for any otaku.

20. Shadow Clone Jutsu Sign Hoodie

Shadow Clone Jutsu Sign Hoodie

One of Naruto’s most favorite jutsus is the Shadow Clone Jutsu which he learned after that emotional journey of stealing a forbidden scroll. He hasn’t stopped using this jutsu ever since and has created several jutsus incorporating it. Hand signs are also probably one of the most known otaku references in the anime world. Any otaku would love to have this kind of hoodie.

21. Naruto Six Paths Chakra Sage Mode Hoodie

Naruto Six Paths Chakra Sage Mode Hoodie

Here’s another one of Naruto’s Six Paths Sage Mode combined with Nine-Tails Chakra Mode in a bright gold color scheme. Every Naruto fan would love to wear one of these hoodies with its popping design.

22. Kakashi Lightning Blade [Raikiri] Hoodie

Kakashi Lightning Blade [Raikiri] Hoodie

Kakashi plus Lightning Blade is always equal to epic destruction. This hoodie just captures Kakashi using his favorite jutsu which he later taught to one of his students, Sasuke. The exceptional artwork on this hoodie will surely make you look as cool as Kakashi.

23. Zabuza’s Death Hoodie

Zabuza's Death Hoodie

Zabuza is one of the very first few villains that our protagonist has encountered in his missions as Genin with team 7. Hopefully not one of the forgotten characters but he’s one of those that shaped Naruto into the shinobi he is today. He’s also a cool character that deserves a little love from the fans with this hoodie.

24. Grayscale Naruto Hoodie

Grayscale Naruto Hoodie

A gray scale Naruto hoodie that captures Naruto in his serious moments and his aura of determination. All those shounen qualities that make up our protagonist all mashed up into one simple and monochromatic jacket. That doesn’t only look cool but also aesthetically pleasing for the eye to look at.

25. Kyuubi Naruto Hoodie

Kyuubi Naruto Hoodie

This Naruto hoodie is an artwork of Naruto in one of his few jinchūriki forms. The hoodie looks like a vicious menace of power.

26. Itachi Bloody Hoodie

Itachi Bloody Hoodie

A bloody face of Itachi in his very last moments in the anime is definitely one of the most emotional moments in the anime by far. This is where Sasuke learns most of the truth about his brother and how Itachi was actually a good guy all along. Otakus probably wouldn’t wear Itachi in his sad moments but this Naruto hoodie captures that sad moment very well, and might be something people would want to have in his honor.

27. Naruto Bijuu Mode Hoodie

Naruto Bijuu Mode Hoodie

Here is one of the other few designs of our protagonist, Naruto, in his Bijuu mode that otakus would definitely love to have.

28. Manga-Style Sasuke Team 7 Hoodie

Manga-Style Sasuke Team 7 Hoodie

A manga-style artwork of Sasuke, colored on a hoodie along with team 7 in other hoodies. These hoodies complement each other. All of them basically look at the horizon and the hoodie looks pretty cool to wear. This version of Sasuke is just deviating away from his aura of power and just a plain and simple silence that looks cool.

29. Manga-Style Naruto Team 7 Hoodie

Manga-Style Naruto Team 7 Hoodie

Here is a manga-style artwork of Naruto Uzumaki, colored on a hoodie along with team 7 in the other hoodies. Naruto as always looks determined and ready to fight like a shounen protagonist.

30. Manga-Style Sakura Team 7 Hoodie

Manga-Style Sakura Team 7 Hoodie

Here is a manga-style artwork of Sakura Haruno, colored on a hoodie along with team 7 in the other hoodies. This hoodie would be perfect for women to wear. Sakura being one of the few major female characters in the series especially being significantly tied to the main characters, otakus would love to wear one like this.

To conclude, hope you enjoyed our list of 30 Naruto Hoodies That Every Otaku Would Love To Have. Hope that helped you check out some cool designs for a hoodie that you might want to wear or give to a special someone. These hoodies are for sure going to be adored by anyone who will get to own them.

Check out all the other designs available and secure your discount today!

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